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Mystic Moon Heart Necklace

Mystic Moon Heart Necklace

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Our Mystic Moon Heart Necklace is more than just jewelry; it's a piece that invites wearers to embrace the enchantment of the night sky. The necklace features a central moonstone, known for its ethereal and mystical appearance. The moonstone, with its unique adularescence or "moon glow," captures the essence of moonlight, creating an ever-changing play of colors.With its celestial-inspired design and the captivating beauty of the moonstone, this necklace is a timeless and magical addition to any jewelry collection.

Moonstone information: Natural moonstone is totally unique, small inclusions (minerals trapped inside the gems) ensure 100% authenticity. Because it is a natural stone, the crystallization, texture, and color of each moonstone will differ slightly, providing you with a 100% unique piece of jewelry.

Features: 925 Sterling Silver, Platinum-dipped, 18K Rose Gold, Zircon, Natural moonstone, Chain length: 15.7 in, Extension chain length: 2 in

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